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Why is it important to know your facial skin type?

skin type test photoMany women focus on fashionable or expensive cosmetics, hoping that it will help solve all problems and make the skin healthy and well-groomed.

But not correctly selected cosmetics will not only not help, but can even harm.

For example, making the skin even drier or oily, fine wrinkles will become even more noticeable, and the complexion can become dull or unnecessarily shiny.

If your skin is constantly shiny, peeling, seems tightened, there is a feeling of discomfort, most likely you are not caring for it correctly.

Many self-select care products that are inappropriate and can inadvertently aggravate certain problems. 

Therefore, before applying cream, tonic and other means to your skin, you need to know what type it belongs to.

How to determine your facial skin type at home?

how to determine skin type photo

Depending on how actively sebum is released, distinguish between four main skin types: dry, normal, oily and combined.

To find out your type as accurately as possible, of course, it is better to contact a professional esthetician.

But there is also a quick test that you can do yourself at home with a regular napkin:

  1. Wash your face with a regular cleanser. After washing, do not use any nutrient or moisturizer.
  2. Wait an hour and apply a thin paper wipe to your face, easily pressing against your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin.
  3. Take a close look at the napkin:
  • if oily marks in the forehead, nose and chin are visible, then your skin is combined;
  • pronounced traces in all areas of the napkin - you have a fat type;
  • if the traces are barely visible - normal type;
  • and if there are no traces at all on the napkin, this is a dry skin type.

At Spa Studio Ruta Naturals a professional esthetician will be able to easily identify what type of skin you have, as well as give you useful recommendations for caring for it so that you always look young and attractive!