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How is green tea useful for the skin of the face?

The benefits of green tea have been known for a long time.

He it’s an indispensable source of vigor, energy and strength. Its composition contains many useful enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and various trace elements.

Green tea, in addition to its use as a drink, is also used as an extract in facial skin cosmetics.

These are masks, scrubs, lotions, gels, washing foams, where green tea is used as one of the main ingredients in the composition.

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What is the benefit of green tea:

Green tea is considered an extraordinary, unique remedy for our skin, and has many beneficial properties:

·    slows down aging, stimulates the regeneration of new cells, promotes collagen production, gives the skin firmness, softness and elasticity;

·    has an anti-inflammatory effect, perfectly fights inflammation, rashes on the skin, regulates the production of sebum;

·    aligns tone, makes the skin of the face lighter thanks to vitamin K;

·    accelerates metabolic processes;

·    improves skin appearance through antioxidants that remove slag and toxins;

·    moisturizes, restores water balance, improves tone and prevents peeling;

·    removes excess fluid, eliminates swelling and dark circles under the eyes.

Lovers of this fragrant drink will always be accompanied by good mood and beautiful skin.

Spa Studio Ruta Naturals has great green tea extract remedies that will look after your skin carefully, giving it a youthful and gorgeous look.

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